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    Greece is impossible to forget - the allure of its beauty, the charm of its people, its enchanting villages. AETHOS was born as a tribute to these elements, and strives to celebrate the individuality and craftsmanship of exceptional Greek artisans. 

    After years of being questioned about distinctive sandals, jewelry, and bags that I’d bring back from Greece, I set out to create a way for others to experience the beauty and simplicity that thrives there unlike anywhere else. Whether you want to relive the memories of a recent trip, are traveling to Greece and preserving precious space for olive oil and honey, or are longing to jet off to the islands, your support of the small, localized businesses represented by AETHOS will make you a part of the world-renowned welcoming Greek culture.

    Welcome to the AETHOS family.



    AETHOS is so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the talented and passionate Greek entrepreneurs who bring you unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Since the crisis in Greece, many people were left without work and were forced to figure out a way to survive. This is how many artisans started their small family owned businesses, without choice. AETHOS is proud to help showcase their art to the world and give you the opportunity to help support these lovely people.



    What Goddess are you? At AETHOS, we believe that every women should be their own Goddess. Be strong. Be bold. Be you.